Picture Book Manuscripts

The following picture book manuscripts are seeking representation for publication. If you are interested please contact us at reedandnicolebooks@gmail.com.

CeeCee, Finally Seen (393 plus backmatter)

Being the only mimic octopus in the reef is lonely. When CeeCee stops trying to blend in and embraces the uniqueness of being an octopus, the other students finally take notice in CEECEE, FINALLY SEEN

Bella’s Basketball Blues (315)

Bella loves basketball, but when you are playing with a moose, lynx, polar bear, and Canada goose makes this little beaver realize that she needs to embrace her strengths to score a slam dunk in BELLA’S BASKETBALL BLUES

Presence: Developing Mindfulness Using Your Senses(421 plus backmatter)

A busy market might seem like a strange place to explore peace, but PRESENCE invites readers to slow down and engage through guided sensory exploration, readers are introduced to a lesser-known mindfulness technique that can be applied in both quiet and busy settings.

WHAT IS THAT?! (392)

When Crowena and Stella’s (a crow and a squirrel) morning routine is disrupted by a strange object, they work together to determine what the object is. But their curiosity goes too far and instead takes them for a wild ride. A fun book where the reader has insight to the object as the animals explore it. Would appeal to those who enjoy A Rock from the Sky and They All Saw a Cat.

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