Picture Book Manuscripts

The following picture book pitches are for completed manuscripts seeking publication. If you are interested please contact Reed at rhiltoneddy@gmail.com.


Wally wishes for warmer waters.

Lu ponders the possibilities beyond his pod.

Each sets out to sea… alone. When their currents collide, their separate worlds become one.  Inspired by a real narwhal, 1000km from home, living with a beluga pod in the St. Lawrence seaway.  #STEM


When Charlotte discovers her grandfather’s beloved childhood carousel is going to be torn down, she is determined to protect it. Charlotte hard work to raise money and awareness inspires a community so that her grandfather can ride once more


When CeeCee the mimic octopus moves far from home she does everything she can to blend in at her new school. But being unseen makes her lonely. By embracing her uniqueness, CeeCee is finally seen. (STEM)


When Bella the beaver plays basketball alone she can score a slam dunk, but in front of a crowd, she needs to turn off her inner critic or risk being benched forever. #SEL

GRACE’S SENSATIONAL DAY: A Mindfulness Sensory Journey

When Grace enters the bustling and busy market, she is overwhelmed, tense, and wants to leave. By stopping and exploring the sights, sounds, flavours, textures, and scents one at a time she experiences a mindfulness sensory journey that savours her surroundings. #SEL


When two animal friends venture beyond their yard in search of a better meal, they bite off more than they can chew. Each option worse than the last, WHAT IS THAT?! reveals the food is not always better on the other side of the fence.


When a young runner does her best in a race but still comes last, her emotions run wild.

😲  Shock

😳 Embarrassment

😠 Anger

Unless she remembers the joy of running, she’ll never discover what really matters. #SEL

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