Chapter Book Manuscripts

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Over-confident housecat Mr. Fuzzypants, meets street-wise Sassy, and between them, they have one competent alley cat … it’s not Mr. Fuzzypants.

The series follows the adventures of Mr. Fuzzypants and Sassy and their alley-cat crew as they navigate living on the streets. Mr. Fuzzypants, claims to be an “expert” of the outside world despite a life lived indoors. When he finally slips away to chase his dreams, he discovers that life outside is harder than it looked through the window. A feisty street cat Sassy, who can out-hunt and out-climb him steps up to help him learn the ways of the alley. Mr. Fuzzypants must accept he is in over his ears and hightail it home or dig in his claws and let Sassy teach him the ways of the streets. Target audience is ages 7-9.

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